Saturday, January 15, 2011

Colombia, mi amor

Hola amigos y familia!!
What a crazy trip its been, but how amazing it has been so far. Needless to say, trying to find internet here is a bit harder than we anticipated but we have finally have time to sit down and blog to you.
So much has happened yet so few words to describe how wonderful it is here. I am so embarrassed by being afraid of Colombia before. The people here are so friendly and welcoming, always smiling and willing to help us linguistically challenged of the group. The food is amazing: so far the best was pan dulce dipped in hot chocolate. The sites are beautiful, always managing to take away my breathe and make me wonder how this country has managed to stay out of the public eye of tourism. I absolutely love it here, I feel ten times safer than I ever have walking through the streets of Oakland, San Francisco, or any city in EEUU. Last night I was swinging in a hamaca right outside the hotel room, watching chickens go by and listening to the calls of the caretaker´s parrots and knew that while I will go back to the State and leave Colombia, Colombia will never leave me. I have fallen head over heels with this country, and want to make sure my mother, stepfather, and amazing older brother can come with me one day to experience this wonderful país.
Until next time!!!

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