Saturday, January 15, 2011

Colombia: New Prespectives on a Beautiful Country

Colombia is filled with many present suprises and beauties that I never thought existed in this country. When we arrived at the crowded Bogota airport it was a little stressful, but soon we realized the great joys of Colombia. At our hostel in Cota, a small town outside of Bogta, we were introduced to the great fruit and coffee of colombia. ¡Y que suave! The coffee is so great here and learning about how it is produced by farmers in the region was very interesting.

One thing that suprised me the most was the medical system in Colombia. I had hear from my dad that the Colombians have very advanced medical care, but did not know how much so until we ventured into Bogota. My luggage was accidently left in LA on our trip, and all of my medicine was in my bag. When Myrna, Julian (one of our guides, he´s great!) and I went to the pharmacy, not only did we find some, we found almost all of the different types I use in the US! This made me realize that Colombia is a really advanced country and a safe place to be if you need immediate medical attention.

I was exposed to more beauty in the south of Bogota where we learned about the ecological movements and how the youth is very instrumental in the movement. That is refreshing to know that there are people in this country trying to save the evironment, and I´ve seen more parks and green areas here than in the US. And the Andes. Don´t get me started. Soooo Beautiful! Amazing views. Well, I got to go to lunch. Will write soon.


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