Monday, January 3, 2011

A look into why we chose Colombia

With our departure to Colombia only seven days away we had our first class meeting. We were instructed to share are thoughts and feelings surrounding the trip. We discussed the different reasons we have decided to go on the trip as well as any expectations we have. Two of the students going are Spanish majors and love all of Latin America; they love the food, the language, the people,  and the culture overall. One student has dreams of one day joining the Peace Corp and hopes that this trip will help her see if that is something she wants to embark on later in life. Both of these students want to improve on their Spanish speaking skills and know that being immersed in the language is the best way to improve. While both students are not completely sure what to expect they know that this will be a great adventure. They both feel that the group dynamic is a very important part of the trip and they expect all of us to grow very close during our twenty day adventure in Colombia. Whatever the reason or expectations, this trip is sure to offer many great memories and experiences beyond our wildest dreams.

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