Friday, January 21, 2011

Santa Martha

 Woke up early today I knew we had a beach day planned so I was really excited.  We took a 20 min drive through some twisty roads as usual but it was a short ride. For the past week and a half or so, I could not get this conversation that i had on the plane ride here.  The guy sitiing next to me was an x UFC fighter that was on his way to Colombia from Los Angelas.  He is a frequent to Colombia, about a 100 times when I asked him how often he goes to Colombia, and why Colombia since its been a question ive been asked on a dozen or so occasions since I decieded to go. He took about the whole plane ride to answer but it came down to this, he fell in love with the Colombia first becuase the people are filled with so much passion and love, the language is spoken with love and affection. He went on further to tell me that its really hard to explain but Colombia is a country so rich in natrual resources, so rich in culture from the Andian region, to the Amazon or where we are at right now, the Caribbean. The food were having here is no different, you can almost get to know the people becuase you eat the meal they cooked for you its just made with love, and I mean every meal here is almost like some intimate connection to the people that made it for us. I can go on and on about that but I want to tell you about the beach we just got back from. The weather is about anywhere from 85 -90 clear skies. We got to the national park, I believe it was called Tyrona. We were all told to bring lots of mosquito repellent and hiking shoes becuase its a 45 min hike to the beach. I mean were in the the jungle climbing up and down and up and down, back and forth ,snake like vines, gigantic trees, huge boulders everywhere and after about 30 min we got a peak.  Absouloutly amazing there is no way to describe peaking my head over a rock and seeing the deep blues and greens of the caribbean in Colombia. When we got there I had the best ceiche Ive ever had in my life, oh did I say ON THE BEACH, fresh squeezed oj and unbeleivable arepas con huevos.  In all I personally did 12 miles of hiking along the beach and I could have done 12 more.

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