Friday, January 21, 2011

Pills, Pills, Pills

Before we embarked on this trip we all had to get physically prepared...meaning that we had to go to the doctor and get our pills and vaccines. I was nervous when they told me that I had to take the yellow fever shot, typhoid pills, and malaria pills. I thought that I was going to get sick from one of the many side affects of these medications, rather than the disease itself. The best was when I went to get my yellow fever shot and the doctor told me that five people have died from it. I was like great...Ill probably die before I even get to Colombia. When I first got to Colombia I was paranoid of all the bugs, especially the mosquitoes. I make sure everyday that I take my malaria pill because there are so many bugs out here. Also, while on the bus, Jennifer, one of the professors told me that if I take B1 vitamin, it would make my blood taste bad to the mosquitoes. I was like I want some of that too.  Not only are we at risk of getting malaria but also getting motion sickness because Colombia has many winding roads, especially up in those Andes, that it seems like we are literally going in circles. For that I take ginger root pills so I won’t get nausea. My daily intake of pills is as follows:  one malaria pill, two ginger root pills, and one B1 Vitamin. On top of that I make sure I lather sunscreen and drench in DEET. I think... no, actually I know that I have taken more pills on this trip than I have in my whole life...but then again I am paranoid about getting any type of sickness so I try to prevent it, therefore, must take multiple pills. So far I haven’t gotten motion sickness, or malaria…I hope because I have already been bit 20 times and I am still alive and feeling very good. Either the many pills are working or I haven’t been bitten by infected mosquitoes. I will continue my battle with the mosquitoes and bugs and once I get back well see what happens.  

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