Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Destination: colOmbia

First of all, it must be  said that COLoMBIA is spelled with two “O’s” and not as COLuMBIA with a “u”. So if you ever hear or see someone misspelling the name, please make sure to correct them. After hearing that people misspell this country’s name and seeing that our class reader also misspelled its name on the cover, it is sadly evident that Colombia has become a forgotten area and only viewed as a violent society. Most people fear it, some wish it would disappear and some exploit it but as a group of 13, we are anxious and  excited for the day when we will finally be able to set foot on this land and experience its beauty’s that many ignore. One member awaits to see the breath-taking sites it has to offer and the comfort that many Latin American countries share. She also wants to learn its history through an immersion that will allow her to do so first hand. She has not traveled to Latin America and has chosen this country as the first on her list of journey’s to this region. She expects to acquire new knowledge on its people and culture and awants to socialize with the communities to be able to make comparisons with her own culture.

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