Monday, January 3, 2011

Reflections of Two Student's Expectations

Seven days from today, adventure awaits us in Colombia. One student could hardly contain her excitement, confessing that she couldn't sleep last night. She is thrilled to be going to a country that few have traveled to and to be part of the first group to travel to Colombia, as well as to experience a completely different culture from California. While she has no expectations on what Colombia will be like, she strongly believes that by the end of the trip all the students will be close to one another. Another student, a junior double majoring in International Area Studies and Spanish, is excited to go to Colombia to visit a country in his area focus, Latin America. His goal is to visit as many countries in Latin America as possible, and to take the experience without any expectations, stating; "Don't go in with extreme expectations, cause you don't want to disappoint yourself. Go with an open mind."

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