Monday, January 3, 2011

What are the expectations?

     We're going to have fun! It's an opportunity to get to know your classmates better than ever, and learn about a country we know very little about. Traveling to Colombia has got us all to class early, whoa I can't remember the last time I was 30 minutes early for a 9am class! Most of us have never been to Colombia, so butterflies just thinking about it. My classmate wants to learn more spanish, and become part of the culture for the next three weeks; he knows there are going to be some challenges. I can't wait to get to Cartagena and hit the beach it's 90 degrees there nice, fun in the sun..  I'm glad we have a bunch of us that can translate too, I think at least six so that's awesome, because I know nada!  Fooood we all got excited,  I'm sure there's some amazing food. I wonder what the first Colombian meal will be? We get in at 10 pm so might have to be breakfast....naaaaa can't wait, late dinner for sure ....

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