Monday, January 3, 2011

An Unusual Destination

Why go to Colombia? But really, why not? As we met as a group for the first time today we were able to come up with many more reasons in favor of our adventurous trip, then reasons to oppose it.
Colombia is certainly not your everyday travel destination.  But that's what makes it even more appealing to our eager group of travelers.  If we wanted to go somewhere easy, and thoughtless we would have headed over to Rome or Italy earlier this month.  However it is the challenge of the unknown, and unanswered questions that draws us to travel to Colombia.
One of my fellow travelers is an International studies major with a concentration in Latin America.  So where better a place to really explore and develop an understanding of the fundamentals, then to experience it in a Latin American country itself.  And why settle for only one country? She previously studied in Mexico and loved every minute of it, but decided that one country was certainly not enough.  So Colombia it is!  She is interested in the difference in food, culture, and customs, and expects nothing less then a truly amazing and educational experience.

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